Steel anchor fiber - how to get reliable and cheap reinforced concrete?

Why did such an additive appear? This type of fiber is small pieces of high-strength wire, their length ranges from 25-60 mm, and the diameter is 0.7-1.2 mm. The special configuration ensures good adhesion to the material to be hardened. The most common is a metal fiber in the form of a bar with curved edges, but it can be arcuate and wavy, or even have a triangular cross-section with a rough surface. Fiber is a special additive in the production of reinforced concrete. It improves its characteristics, gives rigidity and strength to structures. In fact, this additive performs all the functions of a metal mesh for concrete reinforcement. The required amount of fiber is poured into the sand-cement mixture, where the metal rods are evenly distributed and form a three-dimensional structure. In this way, reinforcement is achieved absolutely throughout the entire volume. Due to its characteristics, fiber-reinforced concrete is widely used in construction. It is especially relevant in the manufacture of plates for high-speed highways, airfield runways. Also, you cannot do without this material when erecting earthquake-resistant structures, anti-landslide slabs and various coastal structures. But do not think that such a solution is applicable only for structures under severe stress. This additive is also used in civil engineering, for example, for the construction of foundations, during the installation of a self-leveling floor. Fiber — good or bad? One of the main advantages of steel fiber is its low cost. In addition, the process of concrete reinforcement is greatly simplified. There is no need to lay out a bulky mesh on the floor. You can avoid production delays caused by the installation of standard fixtures. This means that it becomes possible to produce large reinforced concrete structures with the participation of a smaller number of workers. The use of such a filler also has the most beneficial effect on the quality of concrete. Its tensile strength in bending increases almost 2 times, and its ultimate deformation increases as much as 20 times. It also improves water resistance and frost resistance. The material becomes more resistant to shock loads and seismological influences, which is so important in construction.

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