Semi-automatic welding wire - choosing the right working tool​

Wire types — 4 groups There are a wide variety of wires used for semi-automatic welding, each with a unique composition. But to summarize, only 4 groups can be distinguished. Depending on the material, the wire is flux-cored, aluminum, copper-plated and stainless. Welding of steels with a low carbon content and alloying elements in a protective gas environment is most often carried out with copper-plated electrodes. This material is quite popular, as it has increased resistance to corrosion, and the seam is strong and reliable. Due to its high deposition rate, it is also used in rather complex surfacing operations. Such a wire has a stable chemical composition, while being characterized by a low cost price. The disadvantages include copper fumes, harmful to the human body, emitted during welding. A stainless steel product obtained as a result of hot or cold drawing of alloy steels is in demand in mechanical engineering, food industry and construction. Such electrodes are characterized by heat resistance, corrosion resistance, are not afraid of contact with an aggressive medium and have a longer service life. The weld seam also has excellent characteristics. However, with all the abundance of pluses, there is also a significant drawback — the cost of the product is quite high, which makes it not as common as other types. The aluminum wire guarantees a reliable welding connection. Welding and technological characteristics of the seam are at a high level. However, you can face some difficulties caused by the properties of the metal. Due to the excessive softness of the material, the slightest resistance in the sleeve can provoke the formation of a loop. Also, the wire can get stuck in the current collector due to the excessive expansion of aluminum when heated. When working with such a consumable, it should be borne in mind that it melts much faster than steel, so it is necessary to choose the correct feed rate.

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