Sectional fence or mesh - which fence to choose for the site?

The fence is designed to ensure our privacy, protect us from intruders, and separate the boundaries of our property. Today, there are many solutions on the market, so choosing one option is rather difficult. Here are some simple tips to help us choose the right fence for our garden or site. We choose a fence — what to look for? When choosing a fence, we must remember that it must match the architecture of our house and the design of the garden. Depending on these factors, we can choose a more modern or traditional solution. An important factor is also the amount we want to spend on the fence — its cost can vary from several thousand to several tens of thousands of hryvnia. It is also worth considering the durability of a certain type of fence so that it can serve for many years. In addition, if you intend to independently engage in the installation of the fence, then the ease of installation will be one of the important factors. Fence net Garden mesh is the cheapest and easiest solution. Today, you can find braided or welded mesh on sale. A woven mesh (for example, a chain-link) is made of metal rods that are not rigidly attached to each other and such mesh is usually sold in rolls. The advantage of such a solution is its low price — in fact, today it is the cheapest solution that you can find on sale. Installation of such a mesh does not take much time — it must be cut at the connection points and tensioned with tension wires at the top and bottom of the fence. Also remember that this type of mesh is susceptible to deformation. Welded mesh is made of welded metal bars. It is more rigid than its braided counterpart, so the installation process is less laborious. Despite this, this kind of mesh is also susceptible to deformation. At the same time, the price of the welded version is slightly higher than that of the braided version, but this difference is quite insignificant. The nets can be made of galvanized wire or PVC coated. Galvanized mesh is considered more durable. The zinc layer protects the fence from corrosion and is more resistant to temperature changes. The disadvantage of this type of mesh is the limited choice of colors — usually galvanized mesh is only silver. Among other things, after the installation of the fence, we can paint the mesh in any color. PVC coated nets come in a wide range of colors, but are less resistant to harsh weather conditions. In this case, the zinc layer is thinner and therefore more susceptible to corrosion. Sectional fences The sectional fence is made of steel bars welded together. In general, such a fence is somewhat reminiscent of a welded mesh fence. However, the sectional version is much stiffer than mesh counterparts. In addition, such a fence is more durable — the wire used for its production is much thicker. As in the case of nets, the sectional fence is covered with an anti-corrosion coating that protects it from the harmful effects of atmospheric precipitation. Unfortunately, assembling a sectional fence is more complicated than assembling a mesh version — the distance between the posts must be the same. In addition, the price of sectional fences is usually higher.

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