The key tasks of fences for sports grounds include fencing the territory from outside intrusion, preserving sports equipment during the game and eliminating injuries due to the absence of sharp parts. Welded mesh metal fencing for sports fields not only effectively copes with the tasks assigned to it, but is also the most economical option. It can be used on children’s playgrounds, football, basketball, tennis fields, stadiums, as well as sports complexes designed for thousands of spectators. For each case, you can choose the ideal barrier option. What are the advantages of a fencing for a sports field. 5 main advantages of welded fences Exclusion of injury. Sections of welded meshes do not have sharp notches or elements, which eliminates the likelihood of injury in contact with the canvas; Endurance and resilience. Strong steel rods and welded structure will withstand any mechanical stress: impact, ball hit, etc .; Unlimited air circulation. The cellular structure of the mesh fence does not restrict the penetration of fresh air into the territory; The service life is 25+ years. When choosing a galvanized material, a fencing intact by corrosion will stand for years without requiring maintenance; Affordability. Sports field fencing mesh is the most economical option on the market today with high quality characteristics. Features and types of fence for the sports field Non-galvanized. The standard budget type of fence, in which the steel rods do not go through the galvanizing process. The diameter of the rod and cell can be any choice. The service life is no more than 10 years. Galvanized. A high-quality and reliable type of fencing, in which strong steel rods are galvanized and give resistance, resistance to moisture and other negative influences. The service life is 25+ years. Restraining. Strong fence, resistant to any physical or mechanical stress. It can be installed on a special foundation, have sharp elements, excluding the penetration of unauthorized persons. They can have any type of construction, weaving of rods and diameter of the cell. Limiting. Designed for fencing the territory. Not able to perform restraining functions, except for keeping sports equipment on the territory. They are used for fencing public sports facilities: fencing of playgrounds, city sports grounds for basketball, football, tennis, etc.

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