Sports contest in the World day of labor protection

n all industrial enterprises the events devoted to the World day of labor protection (The world day of safety) were held from April 23 to April 28 – PJSC «Dneprometiz» effected arrangements as well..

At the end of a quite sated with actions week 28.04.2018 on Vorontsovsky beach the sports contest among the staff of the plant and members of their families has been held. Warm weather, sports competitions, contest games related on safety knowledge and a lot of other activities in the fresh air. The foundation for a sports contest was laid by a football match between the factory workers divided into two teams strengthened by children. Then there was a team relay, games in tablets of the 80th which have given in to children with great difficulty, team games with frisbee, pulling of a rope by children and adults, competitions in safety measures and a set of other cheerful and sports meets. What wants to be noted especially, the big involvement of staff of the enterprise into holding an action and participation in competitions. Nobody has come just to show up, especially children. And if someone did not get the place in team, he with might and main cheered for his team. Especially active children and adults have been awarded with diplomas and symbolical prizes. Thanks to chief management of labor protection and ecology A.P. Tertyshny, chairman of primary trade-union committee N.F.Golenko for the organization of such team building action.

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