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Valentina Vypanasenko

Steel fiber is the modern building material that can replace steel reinforcement. When mixing steel fiber with concrete, steel-fiber concrete is obtained. Unlike the traditional reinforced concrete, steel-fiber concrete has a smaller shrinkage, it is more resistant to cracking, and it well withstands to vibration loads.
Technical advantages of steel-fiber concrete are high specific energy of destruction and resistance to abrasion. This ensures its successful application in harsh operating conditions and under the influence of unfavorable factors.
Economic efficiency of the use of steel-fiber-concrete structures is caused by the reduction of labor intensity and material consumption. It helps to increase the durability and excludes the drawbacks in steel bar reinforcement.
PrJSC «Dneprometiz» produces anchor steel fiber with hooked ends of cold-drawn low-carbon steel wire. The main consumers of steel fiber produced by PrJSC «Dneprometiz» are the EU countries.
One of the main indicators of steel fiber quality is the tensile strength. The staff of PrJSC «Dneprometiz» has managed to produce the steel wire in a short time for the production of steel fiber with tensile strength of 1500-1550 N/mm2 and new types of steel fiber from it.
On April 12-13, 2017, the auditors of the Lithuanian Certification center SPSC have successfully conducted the technical supervision over the production of three sizes of steel fiber for compliance with the European standard EN 14889-1: 2006.
As a result, the right of PrJSC «Dneprometiz» to mark the steel fiber with CE mark has been confirmed and the audit of the factory production control has been successfully carried out for the certification of new steel fiber sizes for compliance with EN 14889-1: 2006.
The steel-fiber concrete testing with using of new types of steel fiber was completed on 3rd of August 2017. PrJSC «Dneprometiz» has obtained the Certificates confirming that all the provisions for evaluating and testing of the properties of the steel fiber are in compliance with the European standard EN 14889-1: 2006 and the right to mark with the CE mark. At present PrJSC «Dneprometiz» has obtained eight of the above-mentioned Certificates. In the nearest future, high-tensile steel fiber, which meets the requirements of EN 14889-1: 2006, can take up to 50% of the total steel fiber sales of PrJSC “Dneprometiz”.
The achieved good results are thanks to effective team work of all involved divisions of the company – production workers, technologists, experts of ensuring production control. The special contribution to start-up production of steel wire with high-tensile strength and new types of steel fiber as well as arrange of effective production control and successful audits passing have made: steel wire drawers A.L.Antonov, A.A. Shevchenko, , D.V.Ustenko, leading process engineer V.F. Kovalenko, process engineer A.A.Alyokhin, expert O.G.Korneva, chief of central laboratory L.N.Kaydash, equipment setup specialist of the steel wire and wire products site E.D. Bogomaz, senior quality inspector T.V.Sokolskaya.
Thanks to colleagues for responsible work, innovative solutions! It is necessary and possible to achieve more together!

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