Welding steel wire alloyed copper-plated and polished non-copper-plated

«Dneprometiz» has started industrial production of steel welding wire with a copper-plated surface and non-copper-plated (polished) with a diameter of 0.8-2.0 mm using modern European equipment. Alloy steel welding wire is widely used for automatic and semi-automatic welding of low-carbon steel grades in the shipbuilding industry, mechanical engineering, construction. The presence of high-quality copper coating on the surface of copper-plated and special finishing on the surface of non-copper-plated (polished) wire produced by PJSC «Dneprometiz» is provided by:

— minimal spatter during welding, due to which there is a decrease in consumables;

— stable burning of the arc at significant ranges of welding modes, the absence of sagging and porosity in the weld;

— tight row winding of wire provides the ability to work with different types of welding equipment.

— due to high-quality coating and stable diameter, the wire has the same heating temperature along its entire length, its uniform feed and economical consumption of copper conductive lugs are ensured.


02/19/2020 the expert of the notified enterprise No. 1397 VĮ Statybos produkcijos sertifikavimo centras (State Enterprise Center for Certification of Construction Products, Lithuania) verified the compliance of the factory production control system with the 2+ system of the Regulation No. 305/2011 of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union in order to certify the 4Si1 welding wire according to the EN 14341: 2011 standard for compliance with the requirements of the European standard EN 13479: 2017 with the right to further mark this wire with the CЄ sign. Based on the results of the audit, it was found that the control system meets the requirements and a decision was made to issue a certificate.

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