June 2021

The release of new products - sectional fences has been mastered!

The release of new products — sectional fences has been mastered! «Dneprometiz» has completed the installation of equipment for the manufacture of sectional fences and has begun industrial production of the first batches. The site is equipped with equipment from only leading European manufacturers. Sectional fences consisting of 3D and 2D welded panels are suitable for:

• private and industrial territories;

• public areas;

• sports grounds;

• children’s institutions;

• farms;

• for secure facilities.

By ordering 3D and 2D mesh for fences at the Dneprometiz enterprise, you ensure a high level of security for objects. The production of panels for the fence is carried out with the provision of quality control of the welds, the absence of deviations in the section of the wire, the strength of the mesh and the ability to withstand bends. «Dneprometiz» gives a guarantee for the safety of its appearance. This means that the following defects will not appear on the product:

• peeling and cracking of the coating;

• uneven strong discoloration;

• rust stains.

All products have quality certificates. Dneprometiz uses environmentally friendly technologies in its production, such as OXSILAN, branded architectural polymer paints approved by the international organization QUALICOAT.

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