Free handing-out of multivitamins

For the first time in PrJSC “Dneprometiz”  the company management make the decision on free handing-out of multivitamins to each employee, for prophylaxis of infectious diseases.

The purpose of this action consists in the analysis of incidence of employees in time and after intake of vitamins.

Reception of multivitamin complexes is the fine decision for the modern person who is constantly exposed to stresses and harmful effects of the environment.

The multivitamins strengthen an organism, make it endurant and steady against different exertions. This complex normalizes metabolism, makes the restoring impact.

Regular intake of vitamins surely has to reduce the total number of incidence among employees of the company.

P .S  to each box of pills the manual instruction is provided which needs to be studied and only after that to apply medicine.

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